Availing No-Fault NY Auto Insurance

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Here are some important things you ought to know as an insurance policyholder having the No-Fault NY Auto Insurance.

If you suffered injuries or that if your passengers suffered injuries due to an automobile accident and that they are eligible for claims under your No-Fault NY Auto Insurance, it is your duty as the policyholder to send notice to your insurance company informing them of the incident with accurate details on the time and circumstances and the names of those eligible injured persons. This notice shall be sent to the insurer not more than 30 days since the date of the incident. However, such report can be submitted to an insurer later than the 30-day period provided that there is clear and reasonable justification.

If you are a No-Fault auto policyholder, you may file claims when you are injured while driving or being a passenger in your insured vehicle.

What shall you do when your No-Fault Limit exceeds?
If your No-Fault Limit is set at $50,000 and that the expenses exceed before that limit, you may mitigate the situation by applying for the Additional PIP (Personal Injury Protection) or the Additional No-Fault benefits from the auto insurance policy of any related member in your household.

What shall you do if you have been awarded with No-Fault Arbitration but have not received any payments?
If you have filed for No-Fault claims and that the American Arbitration Association had already sent you a conciliation agreement or settlement letter but still you have not received any payments, your attorney may file for an enforcement request before the Department of Property Bureau. Whenever a request for enforcement is received by the said department, it will require the concerned insurance company to submit unto them proof that payment has been made.

You can also file a request for enforcement if the concerned insurance company will not be able to make timely payments to the New York State Department of Financial Services.

To know more on availing the No-Fault NY Auto Insurance, you may refer to the Department of Financial Services’ website.