What is the average auto insurance cost in Dayton, Ohio?

This particular post is intended to give you an idea how much is the average auto insurance cost in Dayton, Ohio and towns proximately near to that city. The quotes here will also be likely the results of your auto insurance rate comparison if you intend to do one.

This sample pertains to one vehicle to be insured. These specific average auto insurance cost quotations pertains to a male, single driver around 25-64 of age and with a good credit rating. Aside from the location of your residence, insurance companies used other factors in formulating one’s insurance costs such as the gender, marital status, age and one’s credit rating. The credit rating factor or the credit-based insurance score is being used by some insurers for studies have showed that there is a statistical relationship between the credit rating and the potential risk of loss by the consumer. A good credit-rating may get a particular consumer to an average premium tier while a bad credit rating can translate to high-priced premiums.

Factors that were also considered in this estimate are the driver’s driving record with no history of traffic violations and accidents, and the vehicle’s mileage that goes more than 30 miles a day.

In Dayton, Ohio, average range of auto insurance cost within said parameters can have an annual premium of as much as $1,236.99 or as low as $536.00. These annual premiums may vary from one insurance carrier to another.

Said annual premiums can already include coverage for liability much higher than the minimum requirements in the state of Ohio. What is required in the state is the coverage for bodily injury liability and the personal damage liability. However, the sample quotes we used in here also covers coverage for uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) and physical damage both for comprehensive and collision. This is done so as to suggest to consumers the ideal auto insurance policy they must to have sufficient protection.

The average range of auto insurance costs in Ohio mentioned in this article are mere estimates of what insurance carriers charge for insurance premiums. Your particular policy with same, lower or higher amount coverage will definitely have different premiums. To specifically know how much it would cost you, it is recommended that you talk to an insurance representative. You may call InsureDirect.com toll-free number at 800-807-0762 for more details.