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Back-up Cameras and Automobile Safety

Back-up Cameras and Automobile Safety

What did you say?  Back-up Cameras….  What’s wrong with turning your head my Grandfather says.  There’s a number of advanced  technologies popping up in new cars these days.  Auto manufacturers are really using  this technology to  make our driving experience more satisfying.  GPS, Keyless Entry/Starting,  Blue Tooth Pairing of your Cell Phone , in-vehicle security communications & Assistance and of course the Car Alarm.  The list goes on and on.

One of the neatest auto safety improvements these days is the Back-up Camera.  In fact, I have one in my new company car.  Between my rear view mirrors and the camera, I truly feel comfortable backing up my car.  For as long as I have been driving (please don’t ask), I have always worried about hitting a low curb or worse a small child.  The Back-up camera removes most of the worry because of the expanded view the combination on the camera and your traditional rear view mirrors provide you.  My car is also equipped with a beeping  car safety alert when your back bumper becomes to close to a fixed object.

If by chance you find yourself in the new car market, think about a Rear View Camera System.  Beyond the auto safety and security many of these options offer, some will pay for themselves over time by providing you a discount on your Car Insurance.

– Mike

3 Responses to Back-up Cameras and Automobile Safety

  1. Although I don’t have a Back-up camera on my car, our drivable farm equipment has been equiped with them Back-up beepers for a long time now. It has helped a number of times by saving fencing and even running over baby pigs when they are young and more curious. Many people don’t know this but, large hogs are so dumb and lazy, they will let you run over them before they would move an inch from a shady spot after having their breakfast.

  2. Dear Mike: I bought auto insurance to as a result of your article. As I told your agent, I bought my original auto insurance policy at the dealership I bought my new car. You saved me nearly $600.00. My sister Samantha said she and her husband will call your office tomorrow. Many Thanks. Doris.