Back-up Cameras and Automobile Safety

What did you say?  Back-up Cameras….  What’s wrong with turning your head my Grandfather says.  There’s a number of advanced  technologies popping up in new cars these days.  Auto manufacturers are really using  this technology to  make our driving experience more satisfying.  GPS, Keyless Entry/Starting,  Blue Tooth Pairing of your Cell Phone , in-vehicle security communications & Assistance and of course the Car Alarm.  The list goes on and on.

One of the neatest auto safety improvements these days is the Back-up Camera.  In fact, I have one in my new company car.  Between my rear view mirrors and the camera, I truly feel comfortable backing up my car.  For as long as I have been driving (please don’t ask), I have always worried about hitting a low curb or worse a small child.  The Back-up camera removes most of the worry because of the expanded view the combination on the camera and your traditional rear view mirrors provide you.  My car is also equipped with a beeping  car safety alert when your back bumper becomes to close to a fixed object.

If by chance you find yourself in the new car market, think about a Rear View Camera System.  Beyond the auto safety and security many of these options offer, some will pay for themselves over time by providing you a discount on your Car Insurance.

– Mike