Best Auto Insurance Rates In Alabama For A Chosen Few

Alabama Drivers Save MorePost Date September 25, 2012 — The best auto insurance rates in Alabama are now available.  Those mature drivers whom have reached the age of 55 can now take advantage of the best auto insurance rates in Alabama.  Although the Alabama Department of Public Safety classify those age 55 and older and Senior Citizens – they’re out of their minds.  I’m going to be 51 in November and have a 14-year-old son.  I can tell you from experience; “I’m nowhere near a Senior Citizen.  Bottom line, those middle-aged Alabama drivers who have reached the age of 55 years and above  are in for a treat.  The state of Alabama has pulled out all the stops and made auto insurance discount provisions for their safest and most mature drivers. Middle aged drivers 55 and older can now take a new driving course which will provide them a certificate of completion.  When you provide that certificate to one of our licensed agents, he/she will make sure you have the best auto insurance rates in Alabama.

The Best Auto Insurance Rates In Alabama Are Reserved For Their Most Mature Residents

Alabama lawmakers approved auto insurance legislation allowing  to qualified for the state-mandated automobile insurance premium credit by attending the  driving course online or in a classrooms. They will also offer refresher courses on defensive driving and changes in Alabama State Driving Regulations. The driving courses are being sponsored by the National Safety Council,  American Automobile Association,  American Association of Retired Persons and the Alabama Department of Safety. Alabama is not the only state offing these type of classes. The are over 30 US States  offering auto insurance rates discounts for qualified mature drivers.  Here in Pennsylvania, we offer a similar program called “55 Alive”.  The Insurance Institute For Highway Safety have statistics which show these mature safer drivers have a lower incidents of auto accidents  than any other age.  On the other hand, a higher fatality rate is being attributed to much older age 65 and older.  The frailty of these older drivers make them less likely to survive serious auto accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration had pronounced that in 2009 over 5000 people aged 65 and above were killed in vehicular crashes across the United States.


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