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NJ Auto Insurance DiscountsPost Date October, 15 2012 – Most of the New Jersey car insurance companies we represent  use non-driving related factors in there overall pricing model to maintain the best NJ Auto Insurance Rates in the state.  When most agencies in the state were still offering PAIP to their customer, we were one one a select few which were offering carriers with the best nj auto rate.  Even though many  of these New Jersey drivers were the recipients of these great monthly payments;  many believe using non-driving related data in offer  in their car insurance rates is unfair.

We represent the one car insurance company with the Best NJ auto insurance rates in the state.

What are some of the non-driving related factors which would contribute to the best NJ auto insurance rates?

1. Educational Level: It’s considered a responsibility factor.  Claim statistics have shown that those with a College Degree have a lower accident rate.

2. Consumer Credit:  Although we never pull a credit report on our customers, some of the carriers with the best NJ auto insurance rates will pull a credit Score.  It’s not your typical credit score.  The score is 1 through 4.  Average, Good,  Better, Best.

Many drivers whom purchase NJ Auto Insurance Insurance say those two factors have nothing to do rating an  auto insurance policy and discriminates against those with lower-incomes and older vehicle owners.  The bottom line is many people say the  most important factor in determining the best NJ auto insurance rates is the number of traffic accidents one driver has.  Well this may be true, but the are many other vital factors besides how many accidents one may have to enjoy the best NJ auto insurance Rates.  Moving violations such as speeding tickets, number of years with a driving license, age of driver, miles driven and location of residence are just as important.

I want to bring up one important item.  We are talking about discounts.  Even if you don’t have good credit or a college degree – you can still easily obtain low auto insurance payments – even the Best NJ Auto Insurance Rates in the State.


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