Buy Auto Insurance: Who Needs It And Why?

Buy Auto InsurancePost Date August 29, 2012 – Who needs to buy auto insurance?

Auto insurance is required in every state in the United States of America.  When you buy auto insurance, you shield yourself against a financial crisis in the event that you or your borrowed vehicle  is involved  in an at fault accident which caused bodily injuries to people or it damages the property of others.  You also buy auto insurance to protect the investment you have made on your vehicle.  When you finance or lease a new car through a bank or leasing company, you are required by contract to buy auto insurance Comprehensive and Collision to protect their financial investment in that car or truck.

What auto insurance to buy?

Buy Auto Insurance to protect you and assets

Although Liability Auto Insurance is required in all states;  they all have differing mandates and state minimum amount of coverage. Liability insurance consists of bodily injury liability and property damage liability.  If you want to buy auto insurance at a cheaper cost, you can opt to buy your state’s minimum amount of coverage. But take note, the amount of coverage you buy is only the maximum amount your auto insurance company will pay you when you’re involved in an accident which was caused buy you!.

What other auto insurance coverage you may buy?

As to protect your investments, you may consider buying collision and comprehensive auto insurance. By having collision coverage, your insurer will pay for the damages your vehicle may incur due to collision incidents. This incident may pertain to vehicle collision or collision with any objects. On the other hand, comprehensive coverage will provide protection from damages caused by other events except that of collision.  This is why if you read your auto insurance policy, Comprehensive Coverage is referred to as “Other the Collison Coverage.   Comprehensive Auto Insurance Coverage provides protection against damage caused by inclement weather, natural disasters, and in the event that your vehicle will be vandalized or stolen. Comprehensive Insurance Coverage also coverage automotive fire.

In some states, you might also be required to buy auto insurance other than liability coverage. Some states require drivers to carry no-fault insurance or the personal injury protection. This particular type of auto insurance will provide coverage for injuries sustained in an incident regardless of whose fault it was. If you need  too buy auto insurance coverage  and don’t lmow the type of coverage to buy – give us a call at (800) 807-0762.


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