Whether you own a single shuttle or a delivery van, or operate a fleet of vans, you will need commercial van insurance that can provide you the necessary coverage to protect your business.

commercial van insurance

Whether yours is a start-up business or an establish company, you need the most basic coverage which is the Liability Insurance consist of Bodily Injury and Property Damage that will protect you in the event that your commercial van will cause injuries and damages to other people and their properties. For vans used as shuttle service, it is recommended that you purchase higher liability limits so as to protect you against higher costs of personal injuries.

As to protect your fleet, commercial van insurance can also include Medical Payments to cover your driver and Physical Damage with combined Collision and Comprehensive coverage. This coverage is very important among commercial vans as to ensure that repairs or replacements can be instated in no time to prevent any major downtime in your business. Additional coverage can also be included in your commercial van insurance such as protection to the goods or products being serviced by your delivery or cargo vans.

Each type of business has their particular needs. To further discuss what your commercial van insurance shall include, you may call InsureDirect.com toll free number 800-807-0762 to talk with one of our insurance representatives.

Below are the types of vehicles that can be covered by InsureDirect commercial van insurance:

• Delivery Vans
• Cargo Vans
• Passenger/Shuttle Vans
• Mini Vans
• Step Vans
• Sprinter Van