Compare Auto Insurance RatesEvery day in the States of New Jersey and Pennsylvania,  car insurance shoppers open their telephone books and go online to shop and their compare auto insurance rates.  Take it from me, after being in the business for 20 years,  it has become a confusing marketplace.  Although you will always have your legitimate auto insurance companies, agents and brokers like; there are now others whom say they compare auto insurance rates but just can’t.  Sadly, this new type of online predator masquerades as an auto insurance company marketing they can compare auto insurance rates. Not only don’t they represent any auto insurance carriers, they don’t maintain any Property and Casualty Insurance Licenses anywhere in the United States.  At first glance, these internet car insurance sites look legitimate. Lucky for you, there is a very easy way to quickly and easily identify these fraudsters – THEY DON’T HAVE A TELEPHONE NUMBER.

Why? Because there are no agents to talk to you. In fact, there is no one to talk too! 

The purpose of these unlicensed auto insurance sites is to collect your personal data and sell it.  If you want to receive phone calls for the next few weeks from dozens of auto insurance agents wanting to compare auto insurance rates – Just complete one of their forms.  If you want to compare auto insurance rates and control whom you receive them from, only use auto insurance sites which provide a local or toll-free phone number. If you find yourself the victim of one of the unlicensed sites or you want to confirm if an auto insurance websites is licensed to sell auto insurance; you can easily go online or call the Department of Insurance in your state.