Motorcycle Insurance – Your Darn Right We Sell Motorcycle Insurance

We received a very interesting phone call the other day.  Buying the right motorcycle insurance is much like buying a motorcycle for the first time – you need to carefully choose the motorcycle that will best fit your preference, your needs, and your lifestyle. And of course, your budget.

Like auto insurance, a motorcycle insurance policy that you will be required to buy will vary by your state insurance requirements. But technically, motorcycle and auto insurance policies are much alike in principle. The only difference is the kind of vehicle to be insured and the amount of premiums you will have to pay.

A motorcycle insurance policy shall include the most basic coverage and the minimum amount of limits set by your state. Basic coverage refers to Liability Insurance, specifically, the Bodily Injury Liability and the Property Damage Liability. These two liability insurance will provide coverage for the costs of damages that your motorcycle have caused to other people and to properties.

Another set of motorcycle insurance coverage that you may include in your policy is the Physical Damage which is consists of Collision and Comprehensive coverage. Having these coverage in your policy will have your insurer pay for the costs of repair or the cost of losses your motorcycle may encounter. Collision will cover damages incurred by your motorcycle due to collision incidents, while comprehensive coverage will pay for the damages or loss of your motorcycle due to harsh weather conditions, fire, earthquakes and other natural disasters, any disastrous events, and in the event that your vehicle will be vandalized or stolen.

Your motorcycle insurance policy may also include coverage for Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist. This coverage will cover for damages that you and your vehicle may sustain from an incident wherein the at-fault driver has no or has insufficient amount of insurance coverage. This coverage will pay for medical expenses, lost wages, and the costs of damages to your motorcycle.

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