California Earthquake Authority & State Farm Insurance Stage Pratice Drill

Monday’s Post 11.28.11 –  There’s nothing worse than not being prepared.  This is why a massive earthquake drill was recently conducted in the Western United States the morning of October 20, 2011. The massive earthquake gathered an estimate of 8.7 million people who came from the states of California, Nevada, Guam, Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia. Series of simple steps like “drop cover, and hold on” are advised during the conduct of the drill to protect the people when at work, school and home. Way back, this practice began in Southern California last 2008 to involve the populace in a large-scale emergency management exercise.

An Auto Insurance &  Homeowners Insurance Claims section manager of State Farm Insurance noted that exercises like this could serve both as an effective and marketing tool for the insurance industry since this gives the picture of the essence of preparedness when disasters strike. This would also open doors for discussion not only with people, but with businesses, public institutions, and those in the industry per se. The partners for this event are State Farm and the California Earthquake Authority. In the group’s website, materials are available specifically designed for agents and brokers in discussing preparedness with business, community groups, individuals and families. Buchanan added that partnership with Earthquake Authority aims to increase the number of Californians that will secure insurance account with the company, given that the current data of the number of homeowners in California with CEA insurance is less than 12 percent.  The drill was developed by a team of experts which was based on an earthquake with a 8 magnitude quake along the San Andres Fault. Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC) conceptualized the earthquake simulations which were used as an estimate of the potential losses and casualties as it portrays to the public how the shaking might affect the vicinity of the place. SCEC is domiciled at the University of Southern California and is primarily funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and United States Geological Survey (USGS).


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