Camden, New Jersey Fire Kills 2

Two persons were reportedly killed in a rowhouse fire that took place early morning on June 29, in Camden, New Jersey.

Said fire was believed to have started from a rowhouse on 1000 block of Thurman Street around 5:30 a.m., that quickly spread to the adjoining houses.

Aside from the fatality, an elder woman was also reported to be injured after jumping out the window for safety. Said woman was brought to the Cooper Hospital for treatment.

Due to the extensive burns that the fatalities had, authorities are having a hard time identifying their remains. Authorities are hopeful that through dental records, they can identify the victims.

The police is considering the said fire to be caused by arson and is treating its investigation as such. An arson detection dog was already brought to the burned houses while investigators have already gathered samples of charred wood for further testing.
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