Can I Save on my Monthly Premium if I Exclude a Problem Driver?

There are a number of auto insurance carriers which will make an exception to exclude a driver in your household which has had accidents, tickets and violations – even a DUI/DWI. represents many of these Auto Insurance Companies and can give you a special quote when you contact our call center. Under normal circumstances; the Auto Insurance Policy’s named insured must sign a “Named Driver Exclusion” which becomes part of the original policy documents. Only then will the Exclusion be honored.

The Named Driver Exclusion endorsement on most Personal Auto Polices is only available for the Comprehensive and Collision portion of the insuring agreement. A signed endorsement specifies that certain selected licensed drivers in the household are to be excluded from the rating part of the auto policies Fire & Theft and Physical Damage portion of the policy. If you own vehicles that your child will not operate, this endorsement will save you hundreds and in some cases thousands of premium dollars. Keep in mind the agreement between you and this auto insurance.

If for some reason an excluded driver drives any excluded vehicle, there will be no coverage afforded for the vehicle in the event the driver is involved in an at fault accident. Although it does not seem fair to this agent; the liability and medical portion of a personal auto policy is not excluded when the excluded driver is involved in an accident.