Cancelled Car Insurance Policy? It”s easy to restart.

Cancelled Car Insurance PolicyPost Date September 4, 2012 –  Driver’s License, Registration and Car Insurance Card please……………  A Cancelled Car Insurance Policy is not a good thing.

Anyone whom has been pulled over by law enforcement has heard those frightening words.  It’s commonly known that anyone that drives a registered car or truck in any US State must maintain an auto insurance policy.  The auto insurance policy you purchase must maintain the states current bodily injury and property damage limits. Every US State has established financial responsibility laws to ensure others are financially compensated if you are the cause of an auto accident. If you have a cancelled car insurance policy; you have a real problem with both law enforcement and others you may hurt.

Do you have $30.00 and a cancelled car insurance policy. There’s no reason you can’t restart that cancelled car insurance policy.

When a law enforcement officer flags your vehicle down, they just don’t ask for your driver’s license and your vehicle’s registration. They will also ask for your current auto insurance identification card or your proof of insurance. When you have a cancelled car insurance policy and unable to present a current insurance card to the law enforcement officer – you have a serious financial issue to resolve.  When you are caught driving a car without having current auto insurance for the first time, you can expect to pay a fine from $300 to $500. If this happens again because you have a cancelled car insurance policy;  you can be fined $1,000,  your vehicle can be impounded and your driving privileges revoked.   Although causing yourself a financial problem; causing a vehicular accident and injuring people and damaging  their property is much worse.  Being held liable for such an accident will put you in a position of owing thousands of dollars in damage. State Law will demand you pay for the injured person’s medical expenses, loss wages.  If you are unable to pay for such financial liability, you will be sued in court and ordered to pay the amount you owe to the other party.  If you don’t have the money; your future earning can be attached and paid to your victim.

Look, I know money is tight and the economy is not doing well.  It’s much cheaper to maintain current auto insurance than driving your car with a cancelled car insurance policy.   Restarting your auto insurance policy is certainly cheaper compared to the consequences of not having one.


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