Car Accidents In New Jersey Caused By Fatigue

Sleeping behind the wheelPost Date April 17, 2013 – A recent study of car accidents in New Jersey show that drivers whom suffer from fatigue causes around 20 percent of car accidents in the Garden State.  The study is contradicts surveys that state drivers whom suffer from driving fatigue cause less than 5% of car accidents in New Jersey. Although drivers of all ages are involved in automobile accidents in NJ;  drivers from ages 18 to 20 years old have been found to have the highest number of fatigue-related car accidents in New Jersey. Adolescent drivers have continuously changing shifting sleeping patterns which have them burning the so-called candle at both ends.  Not only are they staying awake into the early morning hours,  they wake up early due to school or work.  These sleeping patterns cause severe fatigue.   Although the same is observed among older drivers,  mature age groups tend to have coping mechanisms against moderate fatigue.

Car accidents in New Jersey when exhausted happen more during the day than at night

The study also observed drivers behavior prior to a crash. Fatigue causes New Jersey drivers to experience head bobbing, eye squinting and micro-sleep.  Micro sleep is experienced when a driver is sleepy, their eyes will slowly close and then suddenly pop open almost surprising the driver.  The most interesting aspect of the study was the fact that fatigue is more prevalent during  the day time hours and more fatigue-related car accidents in New Jersey happened more during the day than at night. The research involved installing monitors in the cars of drivers being research. The equipment used included sensors, video cameras and radar units.  The study suggested that if drivers will drive while experiencing fatigue will have a risk four times greater of having a crash. Of course any car accident will cause you NJ Auto Insurance to increase.


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