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Category Archives: Car Insurance

Auto and Home Insurance Bundle In Ohio

Post Date  December 12, 2013- Auto and Home Insurance Bundle in Ohio is still the cheapest among all the states in the United States. Ohio’s Director of Insurance and  the states Lieutenant Governor announced the states auto and Home insurance bundle is still among the lowest cost in the United States. Auto and Home Insurance Bundle… Continue Reading

West Virginia State Minimum Auto Insurance

Post Date December 10, 2013 – West Virginia State Minimum Auto Insurance  requirements will be increased in the very near insurance. The West Virginia legislator has issued a proposal which seeks an increase to the West Virginia State Minimum Auto Insurance liability limits. West Virginia State Minimum Auto Insurance 25/50/10 The current West Virginia State Minimum Auto Insurance… Continue Reading

Auto Insurance Claims Fraud Has Tripled

Post Date December 8, 2013 – The number of false and suspicious auto insurance claims has tripled over the last year according to car insurance claims data submitted to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NCIB). Auto Insurance Claims Fraud Targets No-Fault Auto Insurance States Auto insurance companies are also finding from NCIB data, there has… Continue Reading

No Fault Car Insurance In Florida Needs Reform

Post Date December 6, 2013 – Since instituting reforms to the no fault car insurance in Florida law last year, some parts of the reform are being blocked temporarily by a court decision.  Florida lawmakers are now thinking about abolishing the reform to all parts of no fault car insurance in Florida. No Fault Car… Continue Reading

PIP Insurance In Michigan May Exclude Seniors

Post Date December 4, 2013 – PIP Insurance In Michigan may be excluded for Senior Citizens if a proposal in the State Legislature is approved.  Since the states auto insurance is no-fault, it requires all drivers to buy PIP insurance in Michigan to ensure that all drivers are covered for medical expenses when involved in an auto… Continue Reading

Auto Insurance & License Lost for Slow Driving

Post Date October 30, 2013 – A driver in Minnesota is facing the possibility of not being able to hit the road again as his license and auto insurance was cancelled not due to constant over speeding nor for maniac-driving behavior, but because of always getting cited for slow driving. The driver does not agree… Continue Reading

Health Insurance Exchange – Obama Care – No Bargain

Post Date October 19, 2013 – It has been said that the Affordable Care Act popularly known as Obama Care will provide an affordable coverage through the health insurance exchange.  The health insurance exchange program will make health insurance premiums to increase to almost 50 percent more than what some are paying today.   Health… Continue Reading