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Car Insurance Agents Keep Your Rates Lower

Car Insurance Agents Keep Your Rates Lower
Car Insurance Agents Keep Your Rates Lower

Post Update August, 4 2012 – Last year, I was having dinner with my cousin Rob. And, as often is the case, we talked about the funny things our grandparents used to say. Things like, “put on a sweater or you’ll get pneumonia.” Or, “don’t sit too close to the color television…
You’ll go blind.” Or, “If you don’t stay out of the pool for twenty minutes after eating, you’ll get a cramp.But, among these well-meaning, but generally  inaccurate gems of wisdom that both my grandmother and grandfather shared with us, we realized that the advice grandfather shared about taking care of your automobile was actually both timeless and true. For instance, he would always tell me that my car’s tires didn’t have enough air in them. “Mike, just because you can only afford to drive an old car, the last time I looked, air for the tires is free.” Well, air isn’t free at most places any more,but that fifty cent investment in keeping them properly inflated will save you as much as $5.00 on you next gasoline fill up, and probably increase the life of your tires too .He would also tell us, (although I’m not being paid for this endorsement) that “a can of STP in your oil every now and then will keep your motor going longer without costly repairs.” I can’t say that I know this to be true scientifically, but once again, it’s hard to argue that ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’

Car Insurance Agents Keep Your Rates Lower

Finally, my grandfather always used to boast how much money he was saving with his insurance guy. That his car insurance agents had the cheapest car insurance in the state of Pennsylvania and provided the best coverage. Nothing you could say would ever convince the car insurance agents where he had his auto insurance always made sure he had the lowest rates.  Well, having been a kid at that time, I wouldn’t have argued anyway. But now, after so many years in the business and helping literally thousands and thousands of drivers get the best rate possible on auto insurance, I’d like to think that I’m at least somewhere among the best in the insurance world.

Sadly, grandfather is no longer with us, but my cousin Rob reminded me that he’s been insured with  my car insurance agents for over 15 years, and the car insurance agents in my office have made sure his rate are low every renewal.  He went on to say;  he didn’t give me his car insurance and homeowners Insurance business because he’s a relative (even though he’s a good guy), but he’s stayed with my agency all this time because he’s compared rates every year and no other car insurance agents have yet been able to beat me. Although it kind of hurt my feelings to find out that he’s been shopping every year, I’m happy, because I’m able to share his experience with you.

So, while I’m not going to tell you to keep your tires properly inflated, or to put my grandfather’s preferred brand of oil additive into your engine, I will say that, with 30 major carriers to choose from, probably including the one who writes your auto insurance today, and being able to quote and bind auto insurance nationwide, I’m pretty confident that I can find a great rate for you too.


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