Car Insurance and being on the Recall List

15 years ago, 360 million cars were recalled because some safety-related flaws were discovered. 360 million is a huge number that should be taken into account by everyone who owns a car or is planning to buy one. Knowing whether your car or the car you are eyeballing is on the list or not is important in order to save money and unnecessary anguish. If the car you wish to buy is on the list but decide to purchase it anyways, at least be sure that the car manufacturer will be responsible for all costs during the recalling.

Because of the pressure on manufacturers, vehicles are being released too early and are being recalled more and more often. Recently, General Motors had recalled 1.5 million trucks because the windshield fluid heater’s high risk of catching fire. Similarly, Toyota had recalled 8 million cars because of some mechanical problems.

Many wonder what the effect of being recalled does to one’s car insurance since insurance companies do not appreciate customers who are driving defective cars. But driving a car that is on the recall list isn’t enough for insurance companies to higher your premium costs. According to the Insurance Information Institute, factors that significantly affect your premium are your driving history, location, mileage, costs of car, repair costs, and safety ratings of car. As you can see, being recalled is not on the list; thus being on the recalled list doesn’t influence car insurance costs. Nevertheless, you should still be extremely cautious when driving a car that is on the recall list and hasn’t been modified yet, because the insurance company will not be liable for any accidents caused by parts that haven’t been modified yet.

In order to know whether your car or the car you’re eyeballing is on the list, go online and check some auto websites, preferably the website of your car’s manufacturer. In addition, there is also a large and detailed database on the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration’s Website where you can search for your cars model and year.

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– Mike