Car Insurance Claims Are Pushing 230,000

Car Insurance ClaimPost Date January 22, 2012 – Super Storm Sandy is still causing havoc on the car insurance claims community. Regardless  how many wheels your vehicle had, be it a Car, truck, trailer, car insurance claims are being filed. Sandy hit the East Coast hard the last week of October.  Car insurance claims for all types of vehicles are now hitting the 230,000 mark. The current Sandy vehicle damage estimates are based on the car insurance claims tally collated from all car insurance companies.  In the storm’s aftermath, auto insurance company are now reporting they have processed around 230,000 car insurance claims to date.  Further, these insurance companies are expecting their car insurance claims will exceed 250,000.

Car insurance claims too exceed a quarter of million claims

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NCIB) showed that the state of New York has the most number of damaged vehicles that were affected by the storm. In NY, around 130,000 vehicles of different types had been damaged.  Of course the carriers will continue processing these auto insurance claims. The second highest amount of car insurance claims from Sandy in terms of the numbers of vehicles affected is the State of New Jersey with more than 60,000 car insurance claims already. Other states which has recorded a great amount of damage  and car insurance claims are Virginia, West Virginia, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, District of Columbia, Maryland, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, North Carolina.  These states share 40,000 car insurance claims from Super Storm Sandy.

Where some had very minor damages like scratches or dents, others suffered great amount of loss in which some cases, there are vehicles that have already been totally wrecked. These vehicles incurred damages not just from flooding but as well as from the debris that were flown away as the said superstorm ravaged the East Coast. Some vehicles that were salvaged post-Sandy had been submerged underwater for a couple days, with many of them rendered inoperable.


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