Car Insurance Fraud Convictions In South Carolina

Car Insurance Fraud Convictions In South Carolina

You're going to get caught!

Post Date August 3, 2012 –Charged with car insurance fraud for presenting false auto insurance claims, a group of Loris, SC residents pleaded
no contest to car insurance fraud.  The residents were convicted of presenting a false auto insurance claim  and receiving a claims payment in the

amount of almost $2,000.  The group were dentified as Barbara Riggins, Cora Pacheco, Janet Wilson, and Charles Wilson.  Each received sentences
of 30 days time-served and 100 hours of community service. The four were also ordered to pay a fine of $1,500 each. The case was a result of an
incident in February 2010.  Janet Wilson reported that her vehicle involved in a hit-and-run incident. Cora Pacheco, Barbara Riggins and Charles
Wilson were reported as passengers of the vehicle who claimed they had been injured in the crash.  An investigations conducted by the
South Carolina Highway Patrol and South Carolina Farm Bureau Insurance Company.

Car Insurance Fraud Convictions

A South Carolina traffic reconstructionist found inconsistencies on the reported vehicle damage. Further; an investigation revealed that the incident was obviously staged.  Once these facts were reported to SC authorities,  prosecution by the South Carolina Attorney Generals Office followed. Car insurance fraud cases affect every household in america. It is one of the primary factors which cause increases in legitimate auto insurance costs. A study from the Insurance Information Institute showed that around 10% of the adjustment expenses and losses of the insurance industry is being attributed to car insurance fraud.


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