Car Insurance In New Jersey Is Not Overpriced

Post Up-Date July, 23  2012 –  Over the last couple of years as an agent selling car insurance in New Jersey, I have seen first hand a number of New Jersey online insurance agents and carriers make erroneous statements.  Phrases such as; “We have the best car insurance rates in New Jersey”, “No we have the best Car Insurance Down Payment”.   No one agency or insurance carrier can make this statement.   

Why do so many people continue to pay more for car insurance in New Jersey?

While some New Jersey auto insurance policy holders think they are paying a great insurance rate, others are scared to move because they have been with their NJ auto insurance company for a long time.  Then there are the folks which are convinced shopping for car insurance is too difficult or takes too much time to be worth the effort.

The biggest car insurance misconception is this. The longer you stay with an auto insurance company, the more loyalty that car insurance carrier will show you when you when you have a few car accidents or traffic tickets for moving violations. Wow; did they get that one wrong. I just love the recent car insurance “First Accident Forgiveness” sales pitches intended to make you feel safe and secure with your car insurance in New Jersey. Sure! A car insurance company may forgo surcharging you and still happily take your money when you have just “one” car accident…just don’t have another one. It doesn’t matter if you have been with the same insurance carrier for 30 years: If you have two car accidents or a few tickets within the same car insurance policy period, you can make a pretty safe bet that when your next car insurance payment comes due, your coverage is going to be dropped faster than if you missed your car insurance payment due date.

The truth is that nearly all New Jersey car insurance companies won’t drop you after a single car accident. The only difference is that some may not surcharge you for it. The only way to insure you’re paying the lowest price for car insurance is to “shop” your car insurance policy every year. Now, I know, you may say “that’s a lot a work” or “I don’t have the time” or “I know I have a great price on my car insurance.” But do you know that for sure?  Can you afford to throw your hard-earned money away when gas is $4.00 to $5.00 a gallon? Wouldn’t you like to be confident in the knowledge that you’re getting the best rate possible every year without taking up any of your valuable time?

Well, there is an alternative way to know if you’re really getting the best possible rate on car insurance: Today, there is only one nationally licensed Car Insurance Broker which has built its reputation on the promise that “we shop your car insurance policy every year.” InsureDirect.

That’s right, InsureDirect, a nationwide car insurance broker headquartered in historic Lansdale, Pennsylvania, has been price comparing both their new and renewing customers’ car insurance rates with as many as 30 major car insurance carriers we represent since our founding in 1992.

Saving money on car insurance every year is easier than ever. So even if you’re really confident that you have the best rate you can get on car insurance, think again! Like they say, “you could save hundreds.” And after all, since we do the shopping for you, even if you saved just $50.00 a year, that’s enough to pay for a tank of gasoline – and whose gas tank would you rather fill? Your’s or the fat cat at that insurance company with the fancy TV commercials 10 times an hour.


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