Car Insurance Rates In Atlantic City NJ On The Rise

Post Date July, 28 2012 –  Car insurance rates on the rise after Police Department records show the intersection of has the most number of crashes than any other intersections in the entire city of  Atlantic City, New Jersey.  Records indicate that between 2008 and 2011, a total of 113 At Fault Accidents took place at  that dangerous roadway intersection.  The City of Atlantic City hosts more than 2 % of all the crashes that took place in and around  New Jersey area  intersections. Atlantic City, New Jersey has more than 450 intersections. None as dangerous than Albany and Winchester. On the other hand, the intersections at Atlantic and Michigan Avenues is also being considered as the most dangerous place for pedestrians crossing after 15 people have been hit by motorists over the past four years.   There have also been a total of 66 At Fault Accidents which include two DUI’s.

Car Insurance Rates On The Rise

"Car Insurance Rates in Atlantic City"

To reduce car insurance rates and the probability of these accidents on Atlantic City’s roadways, Deputy City Engineer John Feairheller said that the city is going to implement some projects that will include installation of additional cameras, better synchronized traffic lights and other measures that will ease traffic patterns and reduce frustrations among regular Atlantic City drivers. New Jersey’s Department of Transportation statistics showed that last year, Atlantic City had 2,307 vehicle crashes within its jurisdiction. The majority of them occured at Atlantic City intersections. Unfortunately; because of of the high number of auto accidents in the popular vacation city, car insurance rates for Atlantic City, NJ residents is increasing.  Of course auto insurance rates are based on the claims experience of an insurance company in a specific location. Cities with a higher population and more automobiles per square mile always seem to experience a higher claims activity.

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