Car Insurance Rates In Ohio Explain States 2012 Theft Statistics

Car Theft in OhioPost Date September 27, 2012 — Car insurance rates in Ohio are dictated by many different but specifically separate factors.  There are different types of risk characteristics which the Ohio Department of Insurance would use as a definition of a car insurance risk or an item which any actuary will use to determine car insurance rates in Ohio. Comprehensive auto insurance coverage is commonly referred to as; “fire and theft” and or “other than collision insurance coverage”.  Sadly; the value of your car, truck or SUV will determine the high or low percentage of your type of vehicle being stolen.  Comprehensive car insurance rates in Ohio  are also determined by a vehicles value.  You can buy “other than collision” insurance coverage to cover you vehicle for both theft incidents and vandalism.  This means that if you want to maintain auto insurance coverage in the event that your vehicle is stolen or vehicle parts such as air bags, tires and rims are stole from your car –  you will coverage for that.

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When an auto insurance carrier formulates its car insurance rates in Ohio, theft statistics must me considered. In order for an auto insurance company to stay profitable, theft statistics must be considered. Even with the high rate of auto theft in the state of Ohio, car insurance rates in Ohio are among the lowest rates in the country.  The automobile larceny data from the Uniform Crime Reports of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) show the State of Ohio is in the top 10 states with most vehicle thefts in 2010 and 2011. The data indicates over twenty thousand cars were stolen in Ohio in 2010 alone.  Automobile theft  in Ohio is ranked 9th among the highest states with California topping the list with over one hundred and fifty thousand vehicles stolen in 2011 alone. In that year, there were near one-quarter of a million vehicles stolen in the entire United States of America.


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