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Car Insurance Rates Skyrocket After Allentown Crash

 Car Insurance Rates Skyrocket

Car Insurance Rates Skyrocket
Car Insurance Rates Skyrocket

Post Date July 23, 2012 –A pickup truck crashed into a row house on Walnut St. in  Allentown, Pennsylvania on July 6, causing minor structural damage to two attached homes. The truck’s driver later identified as Avelino Cortez, 45, of Allentown.  As in any at fault car accident, the driver should expect their car insurance rates to increase.  A witness to the accident told police that around 5 p.m., the truck after swerving to miss an oncoming car and whipped left and crashed into the brick house. After the crash, the driver got out of the truck and yelled angrily to an unidentified woman who was reported to be running after the pickup before it crashed. The driver whom had blood on his face ran off with an unidentified woman following him. Cortez’s pick-up truck was left in the scene with a shattered windshield and a badly damaged front end. The truck also did major damages to a basement stairwell railing and a parking meter on the street. Although it was not reported which auto insurance company Cortez was with, its certain his car insurance rates will increase.

Using the witness’ descriptions, police officers were able to spot Cortez as he walked past the police station at Hamilton St., who then took him into custody.  The incident is still being investigated by the Allentown police.  Even in situations where a driver has an at fault accident and is charged with leaving the scene of an accident, is still offers the lowest car insurance rates in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Aside from providing cheap auto insurance in PA, also provides the lowest car insurance rates on commercial vehicle insurance, motorcycle insurance, homeowners insurance, and  renters insurance.  We offer instant coverage and  accept all major credit/debit cards,  MoneyGram and Western Union’s Quick Collect.


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