Car Insurance Shopping in New Jersey & Pennsylvania

Post Update July 23, 2012 – Most would agree that grocery shopping doesn’t rank as big fun. But ya gotta eat, so there’s no avoiding a shopping trip. Just like food shopping, car insurance shopping can make a big difference in the price you  pay and the quality of the auto insurance coverage you buy. Some car insurance is cheap and some pricey. Some car insurance carriers are highly rated. Some are not.

Is Grocery Shopping Like Car Insurance Shopping?

Like with food, it’s up to each of us to navigate the car insurance shopping marketplace each year. And just like there are now many more and larger supermarkets to choose from these days, there are hundreds, maybe thousands of car insurance websites too.  In the past, ‘captive’ car insurance carriers like State Farm, Allstate, and Nationwide Insurance Company pretty much controlled the US auto insurance marketplace. These same few auto insurance carriers came to mind when those car insurance shopping wanted a new car insurance rate.

The good news is that with the invention of the modern internet, folks car insurance shopping have more options than ever. The bad news is that; with so many auto insurance options, many folks just can’t tell which websites are licensed to sell auto insurance from those which merely sell your private information for a few bucks.

So, instead of settling for only one quote, or a few price comparisons from a .com information broker or the insurance companies I mentioned, it makes sense to get in touch with a national car insurance Broker like We are licensed nationwide and offer those whom are car insurance shopping lower cheap car insurance rates than Nationwide, Allstate, Travelers and Progressive. Give us a call today!

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