Cheap Auto Insurance And Electric Cars Don’t Mix

Electric Car and Cheap Auto InsurancePost Date November 28, 2012 – To hear all the Cable News Pundents on CNN, MSNBC ect – even the White House; electric vehicles or EV’s are so revolutionary they will save the economy and the environment.  Really?? They are continuously praised for all their positive aspects such as being environmental friendly and energy-efficient.  We all know not everything is as advertised.  Not only do these cars and trucks cost more than a standard gasoline vehicle, the words cheap auto insurance for these electric cars is almost impossible to find. The cost of  an accident repair if involved in a car accident costs much more the a standard automobile. Although we do our best to provide cheap auto insurance, I must admit it’s much more difficult for an expensive electric car or truck.

Cheap Auto Insurance for electric cars is hard to find

Aside from the vehicle’s price itself, consumers who wish to buy an electric car will have to bear another burden on its long-term costs.  This includes insuring an electric vehicle. You may think that by having an Electric Vehicle will save you more on gasoline, but here’s a problem – you will have to spend more on auto insurance. There are not any cheap auto insurance premiums for vehicles powered by rechargeable battery packs.  This power source is much more expensive compared to those vehicles being powered with a gasoline powered engine. Electric cars continue to be unpopular because of these disadvantages and the few number in production models on the market today. If an electric cars is involved an accident and the power unit is damaged, there are no used parts on the market.  The cost of new parts to an auto insurance company are very expensive. This makes finding cheap auto insurance difficult.


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