Cheap NJ Car Insurance Rates Amendment Proposed

I'm Only a BillPOST DATE October 26, 2012 –  As we all know from history and experience, cheap NJ car insurance rates are hard to find in the Garden State. Although I am very proud of our track record of offering a much lower auto insurance rates, not all agents can offer the same.  New Jersey  State Senator Christopher “Kip” Bateman is proposing a cheap NJ car insurance amendment to the state’s driving statute.  The law would give New Jersey Drivers a chance for their cheap NJ car Insurance rates to increase due to their driving history.

New cheap NJ car insurance bill submitted to state congress

Senator Bateman’s proposed bill calls for New Jersey’s drivers to pay higher fees who incur traffic infractions.  This is in lew of earning additional points on their driver’s license which would raise the cost of his/her cheap NJ car insurance rates.  The new law would provide NJ vehicle owners to receive points forgiveness on their driver’s license every few years.  The said forgiveness points will have car owners maintain a cheap NJ Car Insurance rates.  Personally; it seems to me this is merely a trade-off.  If you are involved in an at fault accident and a ticket at the same time, the driver will end up paying much more.  Presently, if you have an At Fault Accident and are also charged with a speeding offense, the your cheap NJ Car Insurance Company will only surcharge you for the accident.  The new bill will also have you paying another surcharge in tandem.  This proposal is not new in the Garden State. Bateman originally proposed this in 2008 and the bill was able to pass unanimously at the Senate on May 2009. However, Bateman’s  bill then died due inaction of the Assembly.

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