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In Colorado, the minimum amount of auto insurance you are required to carry by law is 25/50/15.

Colorado State Flag
Colorado State Flag

These figures translate as a minimum of $25,000 for bodily injury liability coverage per person injured, $50,000 total coverage for bodily injury liability per accident, and$15,000 coverage for property damage liability per accident

Electronic Proof Of Auto Insurance Is The Future

Smart Phone Auto Insurance ID CardPost Date September 10, 2012 –As Cell and Smartphone technology becomes more and more useful for both business and family use; it’s quite possible a Smartphone will become more important than family car. Smartphones do a number of amazing things beside making telephone calls.   The list is long and growing.  Your smartphone is an Address Book, Calender, Alarm Clock and place to store your most important financial information.  It’s the one item you will always drive home to pick up if you forgot to take with you.  Auto Insurance Companies all over the country are introducing Smartphone Applications to assist auto insurance policy holders with their monthly bills and even filing claims.  More and more states are now allowing those with Smart Phone Applications from their auto insurance companies to use their smartphones to present Electronic Proof of Auto Insurance.

Minnesota, Idaho, Louisiana, ArizonaCaliforniaAlabama and Colorado are all part of a growing list of US States which now allow Smartphone users to present an electronic proof of auto insurance on their smartphone screen.  Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Ohio and seeking approval.  With as easy as it is to create a phony Proof of Financial Responsibility (Paper ID Card) using a computer and laser printer; I hope more states adopt the use of Electronic Proof Of Auto Insurance. The Electronic Proof Of Auto Insurance application is very hard to fake.  The application is connected via the internet to the smartphone and indicates if the policy is current or cancelled.  It’s virtually impossible to create a phony smartphone proof of insurance.

Electronic Proof of Auto Insurance.

My office receives phone call from law enforcement officers every week to confirm proof of current financial responsibility.  Most of these inquiries are prompted by a Police Officers suspicion an Auto Insurance ID Card is fake or the driver has presented expired Proof of Auto Insurance. As an auto insurance agent whom represents auto insurance customers in all 50 states, electronic proof of auto insurance would eliminate all of these issues.


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Fed Rolls Out Affordable Health Insurance Exchanges

Fed Rolls Out Affordable Health Insurance Exchanges

Monday’s Post 11/14/11 – The US Treasury with the Department of Heath and Human Service (HHS) has allocated more funds, for building out an affordable Insurance Exchanges.  Governors in most states received the first batch of $50 Million grants last year to commence plans on the Health Insurance Exchanges. This time round, thirteen States received $185 Million Dollars accompanied by… Continue Reading

OneBeacon Car Insurance sells AutoOne

OneBeacon Car Insurance sells AutoOne

AutoOne Auto Insurance Company, being one of the most established commercial automobile assigned risk services in  Arizona, California and Colorado, will now change ownership. Employees of the company are now waiting for the sale to be completed which includes a number of changes in the company like reducing the size of the business. The company  headquartered… Continue Reading

Colorado Agent Gets Largest Fine For Insurance Fraud

Colorado Agent Gets Largest Fine For Insurance Fraud

A Judge in Colorado has fined a former Thornton, Colorado man $1.2 million for violating  a number of Colorado insurance laws. The Judge handed down the states largest fine in Colorado history. The former Thornton, Colorado man who is now missing and his whereabouts are unknown; was  fined $4,678.47 in restitution for the insurance company -Bankers Life and Casualty.  The former Thorton, Colorado resident whom will go nameless… Continue Reading