Commercial Auto Insurance Is Much Cheaper

Commercial Truck Insurance RatesPost Date August 24, 2012 –  There’s a common misconception among those intending to start a business.  For some reason most people feel Commercial Auto Insurance is more expensive than a standard auto insurance policy.  The truth is commercial auto insurance is cheaper. Regardless of who you are or where you live, everyone needs to send something from one point to another.   If you are in business in a large urban area and you do business with other enterprises in the same area, using a Courier Service is a very economical way of sending correspondence or packages across town.  Many whom are new to the courier businesses in Ohio’s larger cities

don’t use trucks. Most use SUV’s or Cars.  These vehicles fall under the category of a Private passenger Automobile. Many of these business owners feel commercial auto insurance is more of an expense than regular auto insurance. Sadly, they end up purchasing a Personal Auto Insurance. Although cost is an issue, using a commercial use vehicle without commercial auto insurance is a major problem.  If you find yourself in an accident situation, a private passenger insurance company could refuse to pay your claim.

Commercial Auto Insurance Is Cheaper

Always consider the  importance of your business vehicle – it’s the corner-stone of your business. It must be well taken care of, and that means insuring it properly.  That means purchasing commercial auto insurance. Starting up and running a courier service can be  an easy endeavor at first.  In the beginning, you can do this by yourself.  As your business grows, you need more help and more vehicles. Vans or trucks can be very advantageous when shipping large boxes and packages. When you reach a point of growth when those type of vehicles are needed, many business owners find out how much money they over spent because they didn’t have commercial auto insurance.  It’s when that truck is purchased and the business owner attempts to add that vehicle and the agent informs the client he/she can’t.  What most business owners don’t realize is, a commercial auto policy is a named driver from.  The drastically reduces a companies risk and lowers the price.  In most cases, you can insure a box truck for the same price as a Ford Explorer.

Commercial Auto insurance provides protection to your vehicles and your business. Personal auto insurance policies can never do this unless you are a salesperson and you add business use to your personal auto policy.


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