Comprehensive Car Insurance May Not Cover Theft?

Post Date August 1, 2012 – Three car owners reported to Police their vehicles were burglarized in Vineland, New Jersey.  A spokesman for the Vineland, New JerseyPolice Department stated the the thefts took place the second week of July 2012. It’s not known if  comprehensive car insurance is available to pay claims. The owners of the vehicles were identified as Luis Gomez, David Santiago and Sixto Santiago.  All three men described the suspect as a Hispanic or white male wearing black shirt and shorts.  The three incidents took place place on South East Avenue,  Allen Avenue and Ewan Terrace.

"Comprehensive Car Insurance Coverage"

Will comprehensive cover personal property theft?

Among the three victims, David Santiago who works for the Vineland NJ EMS lost the most number of  personal property. The list of items where in a police gear gym bag.  It included men’s shorts, t-shirts, socks, handcuffs, pocket knife, Vineland EMS traffic vest, portable radio, loose change, pens, Nomex mask, metal name plate and his City of Vineland EMS Badge numbered 46.  Estimated worth of valuables stolen from the EMS officer reached almost $700. Where the city of Vineland will most likely replace the identification items, the other items will need to be replaced by Mr. Santiago.  The question is, will his car’s comprehensive car insurance cover the theft?

Comprehensive Car Insurance

When damage is done to the car when the burglar is braking in, the car owners comprehensive car insurance will cover the damage.  Of course, comprehensive car insurance is subject to an agreed upon deductible.  If Mr. Santiago has a $500.00 deductible and the cars damage is only $300.00 – he will be forced to pay for that portion of the loss.  Many people don’t realize items stolen from your car are not covered under your comprehensive car insurance.  Any items stolen from your car will be covered under a Homeowners or Renters Insurance Police.  Again, the claim will be subject to a deductible.  If Mr. Santiago does have some type of homeowners insurance policy and has a deductible of $500.00 – he will only receive $200.00 from the insurance company.

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