Credit Scores-Cheap Car Insurance Quotes Pt 2


Hello! I hope you had a nice weekend. Yesterday’s Post discussed how your personal credit rating or score is being used by many auto insurance companies to raise or lower your auto insurance rates. If you have good credit, you can expect to receive a better auto insurance rate.  On the other hand, if your credit score is poor or lower, you will forced to endure a higher auto insurance rate. Today; we will discuss ways to lower your monthly insurance premium regardless if you have poor or a questionable credit rating.

There are creative many ways to cut your auto insurance premiums when shopping for direct auto insurance in the state of New Jersey. Investigate the use of some Gadgets which can provide you a cheap car insurance rate simply by installing it in your car. For instance, a car alarm system, speed governor, air bag system and other safety devices will impact positively on your vehicle insurance premiums. Progressive Insurance Company, which has represented since 1993, has one of these neat new gadgets called “Snap Shot”. Snap Shots which monitors your driving habits.  The best part of this device is the following. Your rate can only got down for better driving habits – not the other way.

 Higher Deductible– You can also obtain cheap car insurance quotes online if you opt for a higher comprehensive or collision deductible. The down-side is; you will have pay that deductible and give up those savings in case of an auto accident. I have told this to my clients for twenty years; “car insurance companies are smart – you either pay them now or pay them later”.  A smart consumer will always pay them later. 

Discounts and Rewards- Online car insurance companies usually offer discounts and promotions to their loyal clients. Ensure you take full advantage of any promotional rewards or programs from the company.

The need for credit scores by auto insurance companies may seem unfair but it is not illegal. If you have poor credit scores, you may opt out of your current policy or choose to lower your premiums through the methods outlined above.

Keep in mind, if you know you have a credit problem, share that information with us when you call.  We will know which carriers to go through to insure you receive the low rate you deserve regardless of your credit.   If you want more information on Progressive Insurance’s new money-saving program,  “Snap Shot”, tomorrow’s post will discuss this new product.