Days of Alabama Uninsured Motorists Are Now Numbered

Government data shows that almost a million drivers in the state of Alabama are uninsured. But their days are already numbered as the state is set to implement measures to implement a crackdown against uninsured motorists.

Last year, Alabama Legislature passed a law sponsored by Senator Arthur Orr with the purpose to crackdown and penalize violators of the previous legislation that requires Alabama drivers and vehicle owners to carry liability insurance. Orr’s legislation which will be implemented this year would provide teeth to ensure the state’s mandated requirement for auto insurance.

The law also paved the way for the state to develop a system that will make it easier for state authorities to check whether a vehicle has insurance coverage. Checking whether a motorist carries an insurance coverage or not could now be done in a few seconds. The system will also implement random checks on motorists who might have dropped their auto insurance coverage. Those who would be caught doing so will be contacted by the state Revenue Department and would be compelled to present their proof of insurance or face the risk of having their vehicle registration suspended.

Those persons caught driving without the required liability insurance will face penalty of $500 in fines for first offense and $1,000 for subsequent violation. Said violation can also result to the suspension of a vehicle’s registration. Reinstating a registration will cost vehicle owners for $200 for his first violation, and $400 for his second.

Alabama Revenue Commissioner Julie Magee believes that uninsured motorists will be now compelled to buy auto insurance as the cost of reinstating a vehicle’s registration is much expensive than the cost of buying at least the minimum auto insurance requirement in the state.

Currently, Alabama is among the top 10 states in U.S. with the highest number of uninsured motorists. According to the Insurance Research Council, 22 percent of United States uninsured motorists are from Alabama.