Discount Car Insurance In Ohio

Is there really such a thing as discount ohio car insurance?

Well, the answer is, no; not really.

Why is that? It’s because while you can decide the level of coverage you need and shop for the best rates in the state;  Ohio insurers don’t really move off of the set rates they have filed with Ohio Department of Insurance.  Auto insurance  rates are based on a finite set of specific factors including  your driving record and other relevant information about your car and the area of Ohio you live.

“But,” you may protest, “I’ve seen those ads, where I hear, ‘Discount, Discount, Discount’ about car insurance.” And, that isn’t exactly untrue, but it isn’t true either.

What it simply means is that a particular carrier may have filed an insurance rate schedule where they have determined that they’ll charge less for certain elements in your driving history than other competing insurers in your state. Nonetheless, you’ll pay the same as someone else whose circumstances match yours — not exactly what most people think of as a discount.

The good news is that, representing over 30 auto insurance companies, can compare multiple car insurance policies to find you the cheapest cost auto insurance available to you, so whether it turns out to be a discount or not, depending on your point of view, you’ll still be driving with the insurance you need at the lowest cost possible.