Driving Without Auto Insurance Is a No No in PA

Driving Without Auto InsurancePost Date September 3, 2013 – Have you switched your Pennsylvania auto insurance company recently?  Have you been driving without auto insurance.  Many PA car owners driving without auto insurance are not aware your former car insurance carrier are required to immediately notify Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicle (Penndot).  Insuring you maintain Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility on your car, truck or SUV is a very important responsibility.  Those Pennsylvania driving residents whom are caught driving without auto insurance will be subject to fines, increased auto insurance costs and suspension of both their vehicle registration and suspension of their driving privileges. The Department of Transportation has stepped up monitoring efforts. InsureDirect.com has been experiencing these efforts first hand.

InsureDirect.com can help you if you are currently Driving Without Auto Insurance 

In an effort to assist our clients not experience any of these severe penalties; we immediately contact all our clients whom have  receiving  a cancellation notice.  We collect the outstanding payment immediately so as to avoid some problems with regards to your vehicle registration. PennDOT, announced that some people may assume that when they buy a new auto insurance policy it is auto insurance carriers responsibility to notify the state they have obtained a different auto insurance policy. PennDOT has recently made it very clear that the responsibility of informing the state you are not driving without auto insurance coverage is the policyholder responsibility.

In Pennsylvania, it’s the law all motor vehicles driven on PA’s streets and highways are protected against Bodily Injury and financial loss.  The Pennsylvania State Minimum is $15,000 Per Person, $30,000 if more than one person and $5000.00 in Property Damage.  In addition, your policy will cover the driver for $5000.00 in Medical Costs.

When a PA auto insurance policy expires, non-renews, or if it has been cancelled, the insurer will notify PennDOT.  The state will forward a letter to the driver requesting they verify if they still  maintain the state required auto insurance coverage.  If a driver fails to respond,  PennDOT will place and F-Stop on your car insurance registration restricting your ability to renew your Licenses Plates.  If you go over 31 days in PA without auto insurance or you are caught driving without auto insurance;  you registration will be suspended for a minimum of 90 days.  When this suspension occurs, you vehicles license plate must be surrendered to a PennDot Representative. If you you fail to do this, both local and state police will be ordered to go to your home and remove your license plate from your vehicle.

If you find yourself in this situation, contact an InsureDirect.com Representitive at (800) 807-0762 Option 1.  Tell us you situation and we will help you resolve your situation.