Drunk Driving Car Insurance Is Less Expensive

Post Date July 24, 2012 –Regardless of your Blood Alcohol or how high the DUI charge, Drunk Driving Car Insurance with low rates can be purchased with one call

DUI Auto Insurance Coverage

Drunk Driving Car Insurance Is Cheaper Than You Think

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Police arrest a  PA State Representative for Drunk Driving while he was driving home from Harrisburg State House. The congressman’s blood alcohol level was made public after he decided against having a preliminary hearing.  The PA Congressman’s blood alcohol level which was nearly four times the legal limit will raise the level of the DUI charge against him but not the rates he will pay for Drunk Driving Car Insurance. The highest-level for a DUI offence is an alcohol level of 0.16 percent or above.  It carries a penalty of one-year suspension of driving license, three days to six months imprisonment and a fine of $1,000 to $5,000.

Drunk Driving Car Insurance Is Less Expensive

Court records showed around 7:20 p.m police received a call reporting the  possibly of an intoxicated man who had fallen, hit his head and drove away. Moments later, 911 received another call which reported  a man was driving erratically.  As the Bethlehem  Police arrived at the scene, they noted the gentleman was sitting in the driver’s seat while the engine was still running. Police immediately could detect the drunk man had a strong odor of alcohol on his breath.  He was taken to St. Luke’s Hospital where his blood was drawn for blood-alcohol test. After his arrest, the driver to the police he has had “a long and personal struggle with alcohol.” Accordingly, he “deeply regretted” his actions. When a car insurance company checks a policy holders driving record at renewal, all violations including a drunk driving conviction with be found. In most cases, the car insurance policy will be non-renewed.  A common misconception is obtaining Drunk Driving Car Insurance at a low price is difficult. One call to our Toll-Free Help-Line will have you instantly bound for drunk driving car insurance coverage at the lowest price in the industry – guaranteed.


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