Easton PA Mans Car Insurance Rates Will Increase

Post Date July 21, 2012 – Easton, Pennsylvania man will see his car insurance rates increase.   PA State Policesay he drove his car through two private lawns and ran

Accident Causes Car Insurance Rates Increase

Easton PA Man Will See His Car Insurance Rates Increase

down trees on July 3, 2012.  Driver was identified as Dimitrius Paoline, 20, of Easton, Pennsylvania. Paoline will face at least six traffic offenses. These offenses alone will cause an increase in Paoline’s car insurance rates.  The report further said that before the incident, Paoline was traveling on Raubsville Road at around 1 a.m.  The driver had two minors in the car at the time.  He was reported to be driving eastbound when he suddenly went to the right side of the road  into the yard at 245 Raubsville Road.  Paoline’s car then went down a hill,  through the trees and through another private yard before returning to the road.  According to Cpl. Christopher Eismont of the Pennsylvania State Police, Paoline’s car destroyed 150 feet of lawn and one tree.

Easton PA Mans Car Insurance Rates Will Increase

Witnesses were able to give the authorities a clear description of Paoline’s car and its license number which led the State Police to successfully stopped Paoline as he was trying to flee the accident scene. The car had incurred moderate damage as a result of traveling across lawns and hitting the trees on the two properties.  It is not known  at this time if Paoline maintained current car insurance rates on his vehicle. The damage to the lawns will most likely range in the thousands of dollars. If insured, his car insurance would pay for the damage as the accident is consider an At Fault Accident.  The state minimum for Property Damage on an Pennsylvania Auto Insurance  policy is $5,000.00.  Paoline will certainly see his auto insurance rates increase at his next renewal. InsureDirect.com offers the lowest car insurance rates in Easton, Pennsylvania. Aside from providing cheap car insurance in PA,  we also provide the lowest rates on commercial vehicle insurance, motorcycle insurance, homeowners insurance, and renters insurance.


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