Electronic Proof Of Auto Insurance Available In TX

Electronic Car Insurance ID CardPost Date March 15, 2013 – Electronic proof of auto insurance  is sweeping it’s way across the country.  Texas may be the  next  state to approve the use of electronic proof of car insurance coverage in the U.S.  Carrying a car insurance ID  in the State of Texas is as an important as carrying a valid drivers license.  New measures to allow Texas Drivers to carry an electronic proof of auto insurance will make it easy for those to show valid proof of car insurance coverage.  Currently, there are two bills pending in the State of Texas which are both asking the legislators to allow the use of electronic proof of auto insurance when consumers are being asked by law enforcers to show proof that they carry the required auto insurance in Texas.

Texas Drivers to carry an electronic proof of auto insurance

The legislative measures had already gone through committee hearings but are still pending as of the moment. SB 181, sponsored by Republican Senator Glenn Hegar might be brought to a committee voting soon. USAA, a Texas-based insurance carrier through its vice president Bo Gilbert had expressed support for SB 181. The said carrier is geared towards providing policies to service and military members. In addition to this, the Texas Coalition for Affordable Insurance Solutions had also pledged support for the said legislation. This coalition includes top insurers like Farmers and Allstate.

The other bill being proposed in Texas which is finding its way inside the House is HB 239 which was heard by the House Committee on Technology on March 4.
Most top insurance carriers in the United States are now providing auto insurance consumers with a PDF version of their policies which are now being called as insurance e-cards. This electronic proof of auto insurance versions can be showed through a smartphone or other capable mobile communication devices. Today, there are already 21 states that are discussing the possibility of allowing electronic proof of insurance. The most recent to have passed legislation on the said means of showing insurance proof is the state of Arkansas whose legislation had already been signed by its governor, Mike Beebe on March 1. The proposal in Wyoming had already passed the state legislation and is now awaiting approval from the governor.


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