Auto Insurance Claims Are Far More Costly In 2012

Auto Insurance ClaimsPost Date September 22, 2012 – Auto insurance claims data released by the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI) yesterday, Thursday, Sept. 20, shows cars built between 2009 and 2011 have been much most costly to repair. The study used data from insurance claims after 2008.  As for claims coming from (PIP) coverage, showed the Toyota Yaris has the highest frequency of claims, with an average of 28.5 claims per insured vehicle. The Porsche 911 holds the record for the smallest number of PIP claims. The study showed the most of the Personal InjuryProtection claims are from small cars. Pickup trucks and SUVs like Ford Explorers and F-150 have the lowest number of claims.

The Cost Of Auto Insurance Claims Is Sky Rocketing In the US

As for vehicles whose cost are below $30,000, the study indicated the Mitsubishi Lancer 4WD cars has the most number of costly claims.  In a year, 1 of 9 Lancer 4WD owners had filed auto insurance claims with their collision coverage having an average losses of $6,000 each.  The Wrangler Jeep 4WD brings the least number of collision claims among vehicles that cost under $30,000. One in thirty five Wrangler Jeep 4WD  in a collision  filed a claim last year.  The average loss of $135 per year.

As for the cars which have the the highest auto insurance claims is the Ferrari California. The average claim filed for this car is only 1 in every 38 Ferrari California. But, it has been said that insurers face average auto insurance claims of $2,132 per accident. Ferrari California auto insurance claims are seven times higher than the average losses of other cars.

The study is now being used in the NTSB which are being distributed to auto dealers, auto body shop and car shoppers which vehicles are most likely susceptible to accidents and is most likely to be expensive to insure.


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