Factors That May Prevent You From Having NJ’s Cheapest Car Insurance Rates

Everyone knows about the obvious factors that will prevent you from obtaining NJ’s cheapest car insurance rates available. Speeding tickets, accidents, and being a male under 25 are all common factors that will raise insurance rates. But, did you know that turning 50 prevent you from having NJ’s cheapest car insurance rate to having one of the highest? This article covers this and a few other factors affecting your insurance premiums that you may not know about.

NJ’s Cheapest Car Insurance Rates

Some people mistakenly believe that getting older guarantees you the cheapest car insurance rates due to the obvious maturity and driving experience that tends to accumulate with age. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. The age group that receives NJ’s cheapest car insurance rates are adults ages 26-49. Anyone outside this age group should be prepared to pay a higher premium. While not every insurance agency will increase your rate once you turn 50, you need to be aware that it can happen. This seems like a rather unusual practice considering that statistics show that the safest drivers are between the ages of 64-69.

A poor credit score is another factor that can prevent you from obtaining NJ’s cheapest car insurance rates. Unfortunately, a poor credit score is not something you can instantly repair, but over time, your score can increase, and when it does, it’s time to re-visit your insurance agent, because you deserve to have a better rate.

Here’s another little known factor that can increase your car insurance rate: driving more miles.

What? The whole point of buying a car is so that you can drive it wherever and whenever you need to, so why would insurance companies increase your insurance rate for driving your own vehicle? Well, the thing is, the more miles you put on a vehicle, the more likely you are to get involved in an accident, or need repair work. While there is no specific amount of miles that guarantee an increase in your rate, it’s best to consult your agent about their company’s policy regarding mileage.

Lastly, perhaps the most unfair factor that can prevent you from getting the cheapest insurance rates, is the fact that you’re single. Many insurance companies claim that statistics prove that married people have less accident, and furthermore, cause less damage than single people do. While going out and obtaining a husband or wife is easier said than done, it’s necessary if you want cheaper car insurance.