Fake Car Insurance Claims Filed By Creeps

CreepPost Date January 29, 2013 – Car Insurance Companies in the state of New Jersey are very concerned over the explosion of fake car insurance claims being filed in the Garden State.  New Jersey prosecutors had a meeting recently to say no to fake car insurance claims.  These fake car insurance claims have flooded the state having  a detrimental effect on New Jersey’s very generous Personal Injury Protection Laws.

Fake car insurance claims perpetrated  by your neighbors while you pay more for your car insurance

New Jersey Officials feel 40% of the claims activity in 2011 were found to be fake car insurance claims. The fake car insurance claims have resulted in higher car insurance rates affecting all drivers in the Garden State. Fake car insurance claims is directly tied to the additional $250 million Dollars in car insurance premiums paid by NJ Automobile owners. It’s sad but true; in some cases vehicle owners paid and will continue to pay more on their auto insurance than they paid to purchase their car.

Out of the $500 Million Dollars in legitimate auto insurance claims in 2011 25% of them were fake car insurance claims.  14% of all legitimate claims have been inflated in order to deliberately steal from the auto insurance companies.  Government Officials in NY called for a hearing to discuss New York’s fake car insurance claims issues. New York officials feel honest vehicle owners/auto insurance buyers are being ripped off.  Those buyers are forced to pay additional premium because of those creeps whom filed fake car insurance claims.  Many of these fake claims filed are to take advantage of Personal Injury Claims Pay outs. Both New Jersey and New York prosecutors want new legislation for the runners or middlemen who brings injured patients to medical clinics after a fake car insurance claim. Clinics are cashing in big  unnecessary expensive treatments.


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