Flood Damaged Cars Illegally Sold

Flood Damaged CarsPost Date November 12, 2012 –  Hurricane Sandy was the most devastating storm to hit the east coast in 60 years. Both Homeowners and Auto Insurance Carriers have been adjusting thousands of claims compensating those for Flood Damaged cars and homes.  Two states out of the 9 effected by the storm had the highest number of flood damaged cars and homes.  Both New York and New Jersey had homes and cars/trucks submerged in water. You may or may not know a car which has been through a flood event must be totaled by the car insurance carrier.  Flood damaged cars can not ever be resold. Sadly;  flood damaged cars might be finding their way to the automotive marketplace and purchase by those unsuspecting new and used car buyers.

Shady operators sell flood damaged cars to unsuspecting buyers 

It’s very important for everyone to be conscious when shopping for a new or used car.  It is very easy to be duped into purchasing flood damaged cars and trucks if you don’t do your research.  It’s that research which will help you from paying for previously flood damaged cars.  Soap and water and other cleaning supplies can easily clean up a flood damaged car. The key to that research is a Vehicle Identification Number Check.   The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) determines whether a car had been flooded by utilizing a VIN Check system that maintains a log of all cars which were declared as salvage vehicles.  This includes flood damaged cars. Dishonest car dealers, salvage operators even auto junk years sometimes conceal a car has been totaled by an auto insurance carrier.  They in turn will sell a salvaged car from a natural disaster. Flood damaged cars vehicles can be cleaned up and sold.

Flood damaged cars which are resold are a danger to both operators and passengers. This is more of a problem today than in the past.  Flood damaged cars and trucks now maintain on-board computers, electrical wiring and fiber optic strands.  The flood causes electric shock to both the drivers and passenger and in some cases, fire to the vehicle.  There are a number of retail reports available to you – the consumer. CarFax is one service which a car dealer should voluntarily make available to you.  A Car Fax report will be able to instantly tell you if an auto insurance company has totaled a car as a result of a flood.


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