GEICO Auto Insurance

7/16/11 UPDATE: “Hey you Wood Chucks, Stop Chucking My Wood” This has to be the funniest GEICO Commercial to date. The Ad Agency responsible for these commercials is genius.

I don’t know about you, but I love the GEICO Car Insurance Commercials. Every time one comes on, it’s kind of like guessing the numbers for the daily lottery.

There are so many GEICO Insurance Commercials on TV every day and such a variety; trying to figure out which one it will be is a treat. I know; you think I should get a life.

Seriously though; I truly believe the GEICO auto insurance commercials are brilliant. The GEICO Auto Insurance Commercials have become so prevalent in our everyday life, I bet most of you don’t remember GEICO’s first Gecko Auto Insurance ad hit the airwaves ten years ago. It’s true, the first time we were introduced to that green little lizard with the British accent was in the year 2000. Talk about a memorable auto insurance television ad!

If you recall; The first commercial has the gecko pleading for people to stop calling him instead of GEICO. It was darn funny.

The next set of memorable GEICO Auto Insurance Commercials were the Caveman ads. They hit the small screen in 2006. If I remember correctly, the Caveman was part of the film crew filming a GIECO Auto Insurance Commercial. When the announcer said “it’s so easy a caveman can do it,” a caveman appeared in the background whom was obviously part of the film crew. Of course, he walked off stage as they all seem to do.

The one GEICO auto insurance ad I wish we saw more of is the Cabbage Patch Kid who lost his way in life – too funny.