Georgia Auto Insurance Carriers Warn About Sandy-Damaged Vehicles

Flood Damaged Cars For SalePost Date December 12, 2012 – Georgia Auto Insurance Agents  are warning both new and used car buyers to look-out for flooded vehicles being sold in the used cars market. The Georgia Auto Insurance agents alert was issued shortly after Hurricane Sandy.  It’s commonly known among Georgia auto insurance companies are many flood-damaged vehicles are recycled back into the used car market and being sold at auto auctions.  In addition, these flooded vehicles may be sold through newspaper ads,  online and used car lots.

Georgia Auto Insurance pay to repair and restore flooded vehicles


It’s very difficult  for the average person to identify a Flood-damaged car which has been restored via payment by a Georgia Auto Insurance Company.   In many situations;  it’s just plain hard to identify a flooded car after the upholstery and carpeting been shampoo and received minor body works. Most flood damaged vehicles are hard to detect even by professionals. Car’s and trucks which have been flooded are then written off as “totaled” or “salvage” most Georgia Auto Insurance Companies.  In many other states;  these labels may not appear on their titles as they are being sold.  In the State of Georgia; any flood damaged and restored car must me formally reported

Georgia Auto Insurance professions say it’s easy to identify these damaged cars. These signs include a musty odor, faded fabrics, some watermarks. The vehicle’s metals can also show paint flaking, rust and mud. Sandy Grit can be seen vehicle’s crevices..  This agent suggests you check the vehicle’s trunk, dashboard, engine area, inner doors, carpeting and under the seats. Those whom attempt to resell a salvaged vehicle always seem to do things half-assed – excuse my french.  Just to make sure, it’s best to hire someone to do an  inspection so you know exactly what you are buying.  A close inspection by a repair professional or and Georgia Auto Insurance Adjuster can check out behind the wiring harnesses, alternator, starter motors, relays, and the power steering pumps.  Georgia Auto insurance  agents warn  potential buyers should check first the title before signing or paying for anything. They must see if the vehicle has been branded as ‘salvage’, ‘flood’, ‘junk’, ‘reconstructed, or ‘rebuilt’. Potential buyers can easily check the history through a national database of the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System by searching for the vehicle’s VIN (vehicle identification number).

You can also go online to and order a copy of the cars complete history.


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