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Georgia Latest State To Be Provided An Obama Care Waiver

Georgia Latest State To Be Provided An Obama Care Waiver

Monday’s Post 12/5/12 –  For those who are unaware, Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) is a new federal requirement where Health Insurance Carriers are mandated to allot certain minimum funds on patient care and quality. It is a provision of Obama Care or as it’s legally known as the Federal Affordable Care Act which directs insurers to spend at least eighty (80%) of the premiums related to care-related costs, for individual and small-group insurances. The goal of this decree is to dissuade excessive profits or heavy disbursements on big salaries. U.S. Officials have granted a waiver to insurers in Georgia—making it the 8th state in the US to receive this exemption. States have the prerogative to apply for a waiver provided they are worried that insurers may react to this provision through leaving the market. The Department of Insurance in Georgia has requested that the provision would be implied gradually starting at sixty-five percent (65%) this year. U.S. Officials have compromised, setting the this year’s minimum to seventy percent (70%). The state of Maine has received a full waiver from Federal Officials. On the other hand, North Dakota, and Delaware have been denied exemptions, while New Hampshire, Nevada, Kentucky and Iowa have received phase-in rules similar to that of Georgia. The reason these states are receiving exceptions is the same reason every state will seek an exemption – Profit.  You can’t run an ongoing enterprise without profit or talented people to run in.  This is why the Obama Care Model is doomed to fail. I founded InsureDirect 20 years ago.  If I was limited on the amount of profit we could earn selling auto insurance; the enterprise would have failed less than 6 months after the company was founded.  This is why its likely you will see Obama Car either de-funded or even outlawed if the House, Senate and Presidency is won by the republicans in 2012.


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