How to Get Cheap Car NJ Insurance for Young Drivers

In the eyes of auto insurance companies, young drivers are more likely to have an accident and make a claim; thus, resulting to a sky-high car insurance cost. For most parents, getting a NJ cheap car insurance for their teenage kids may feel like an impossible task. But don’t give up just yet.

The good news is there’s a number of ways to keep the cost down. Check out these tips and get NJ cheap car insurance for young drivers.

How to Get NJ Cheap Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Pay per year, not per month
If you can afford it, pay for the car insurance premium in one go. Mind you, it is significantly cheaper to pay for the entire year instead of paying monthly. You’ll not only save a substantial amount of money, you can also avoid the monthly interest charge.

Get an extra driving qualification
This is probably one of the easiest ways of getting a NJ cheap car insurance for your kids.
Encourage your son or daughter to get a Max Driver, PassPlus, or IAM qualification. While not all insurance companies recognize them, most of them offers discount to drivers who have passed it.

Increase your security
If you are serious about keeping the cost down, you might want to consider getting additional car safety features like immobilizer or an alarm.

Additionally, car insurance can be a lot cheaper if your park your car in the garage than leaving it in the driveway. Insurance companies see this as a great way of minimizing risk.

Add a named driver
Adding an extra named driver to the insurance is a great way getting a NJ cheap car insurance. This is especially true if the added person is older and more experienced on the road. You should not confuse this with fronting as it is illegal and may result in rejecting claims.