Texas Auto Insurance Required In Lone Star State

Texas Auto InsurancePost Date September 1, 2012 – Texas auto insurance is required for drivers in The Lone Star state.  Texas requires drivers to shift or defray the costs of a drivers at fault auto accident liability which he/she or their owned vehicles can cause.  Texas drivers are required to maintain Proof of Financial Responsibility which can be secured by buying  the states minimum limits of Texas Auto Insurance.

Texas Auto Insurance is required for all drivers.

The basic or minimum Texas auto insurance liability and property damage limits are 30/60/25.  In order to comply with Texas financial responsibility law, a driver must buy at least minimum limits for liability insurance which are $30,000 for each person injured, $60,000 if more than one person in the incident is injured, and $25,000 for the property damage of others.  Texas Auto Insurance Property Damage Coverage covers both damage to an automobile or private property such as a fence or landscaping.

It’s important to remember Texas Auto Insurance basic coverage refers only to bodily injury and property damage liability insurance. This means, having only the basic Texas auto insurance coverage safeguarding you against liabilities against injuries and property damage of others.  A Texas auto insurance policy must also include a minimum limit  for Medical Payments  to pay for your basic  medical expenses.

To purchase Texas auto insurance which is referred to as Full-Coverage,  you must buy other auto insurance coverage such as Physical Damage  or what is commonly known as other than collision coverage or Comprehensive coverage to protect your vehicle against damages or loss by fire and vandalism.

In buying Texas auto insurance, as a responsible consumer must also be aware that you can choose to purchase higher limits than the state minimum basic coverage. Keep in mind you may be held liable for the damages that you have caused or beyond your limits of liability . And in the event that the said costs would exceed the limits than your auto insurer will pay for you, the damaged parties may sue you to collect the amount above your insured limits.

Although most have the minimum basic Texas auto insurance limits, many do not take the Texas financial responsibility laws seriously. If you are caught driving without Texas basic coverage, you will pay big  fines, driver’s license suspended,  have your vehicle impounded or in the worst scenario, you would face jail time.  To avoid having trouble with the law, and to ensure that you are financially protected against losses, make sure you purchase at least a basic Texas auto insurance policy.


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