Let’s face it; if you own and drive a car in the state of New Jersey,  you really want the lowest car insurance rates you can find in the Garden State.  The question is “how truly easy is it to find a licensed company”.  It’s sad but true; locating a discount auto insurance company in NJ which offers the lowest car insurance rates is harder than you think.  As you are aware, there are thousands of auto insurance websites on the world-wide-web competing for your insurance dollar.  Hundreds of those same websites advertise discount insurance rates in NJ.  Finding a  website which is truly licensed to sell insurance products is becoming harder and harder everyday.  The internet has become a hot-bed for unlicensed auto insurance web-sites marketing car insurance coverage.  Not only do many of these sites advertise phony testimonials with photographs from customers whom do not exist, they also make claims of representing auto insurance companies like Allstate, State Farm, Nationwide and Farmers. Now this is not a problem if one agency represents one these carriers individually.  The problem is these fake insurance web-sites make the claim they represent these carriers all at the same time.  Anyone in the insurance business is aware these insurance carriers are considered “Captive Insurance Companies” and agent may only represent one company at a time.

If you want to avoid being duped into sharing your private personal information with an unlicensed auto insurance web-site , look for the tell-tail signs.  The easiest and most glaring tip-off is a phone number. The last the people behind an unlicensed insurance domain wants to do is speak to you. Since they can’t legally offer you an insurance quote or bind coverage;  speaking to you would not be in their best interest.  That being said, the last thing you may find is a local or toll-free phone number for you to call