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Best Car Insurance Rates

If you have Accidents, Tickets, DUI, Suspended Drivers License or no auto insurance in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, finding the best car insurance rates may be easier than
you think.  Although there are hundreds of auto insurance companies and agents offering what they feel is a good price, InsureDirect’s Auto Insurance Help-line 800-807-0762 has always had the best car insurance rates for those drivers with driving problems. is the only licensed insurance concern whom dedicates it’s field underwriting time and effort on those drivers most in need. Bottom line – we care!

Even if you are short on cash for an auto insurance down-payment, we will do our best to work out a low month payment schedule which will meet your needs. This is a difficult time in our nations history.  High unemployment, even higher gas prices, NJ and PA Drivers need as much financial help as possible.  The fact that a gallon of gasoline is near $4.00 a gallon and a full tank costs close to $80.00, how does the average family afford to put food on the table? If you need to buy auto insurance this week, give us a call.  We may be able to save you so much money, you will feel like we filled your tank with gas.