When shopping for auto insurance in the State of New Jersey, finding a Website with the cheapest car insurance rates may not be in your best interest.

Example: If you currently have New Jersey auto insurance and you own a home, you are most likely maintaining Bodily Injury/Property Damage Limits of at least $100,000 Per Person and $300,000 Per Accident and $50,000 in Property Damage. Although many auto insurance websites advertise the cheapest car insurance, they may lower your insurance coverage to lower and make your new rate more appealing. Unless specifically requested by you, we at InsureDirect.com will never lower your coverage and put your assets at risk. As a licensed insurance professional in the state of New Jersey, this would be the most irresponsible thing an insurance company can do.

To receive the lowest auto insurance quote along with the proper insurance limits to protect your personal assets call Toll-Free 800-807-0762.