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Full Coverage Car Insurance – Michigan and Beyond

Michigan auto insurance industry offers two major types of protection – the full coverage car insurance and the state’s minimum requirements for Property protection, Personal injury protection, and the Residual Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability Insurance. The state’s requirement is much alike to what is required by other states which also have the “No Fault Policy”.

Michigan Auto Insurance: Full Coverage Car Insurance
Michigan Auto Insurance: Full Coverage Car Insurance

As for that policy, Michigan auto insurance providers are compelled to pay for claims regardless of whose fault the incident was.

Full Coverage Car Insurance – The Michigan Angle

Michigan residents who want to register their vehicles and drive legally within the state is only required to carry the minimum insurance requirements. Carrying said minimum protection is being required in order for vehicle owners and drivers to be able to pay for possible liabilities in the event of an accident. With the minimum insurance requirements, one’s insurance company will pay for claims made by other parties for their injuries and the damages incurred to their vehicles and properties, so as damages and injuries incurred by the insured party.

However, many insurance consumers opt to have optimum protection against numerous perceivable risks that may result to damages and injuries to themselves and to other parties. Thus, insurance companies offer full coverage car insurance.

The advantage of having full coverage car insurance with Michigan’s No Fault Policy is that the insurance policyholder and his family will have coverage for medical and rehabilitation expenses, and loss wages benefits.

To further strengthen your full coverage car insurance, an insurance policyholder may opt to purchase full coverage with higher limits or purchase additional coverage. Car Collision and Comprehensive insurance coverage will come in handy not only in the event of collision-related accidents but also if your vehicle is damaged as it is parked or if it will be vandalized or stolen. With this additional coverage, your insurance company will pay for the repair or replacement costs. Another additional coverage one may purchase is the Underinsured/Uninsured Motorist Coverage which is very accommodating if you figured in an accident with a driver who is underinsured or who does not have insurance coverage at all. Another coverage you can purchase additionally is the “Mini-Tort” coverage which will protect you in an accident where you are found to be most at fault and sued for additional claims.
Michigan auto insurance providers recommend for each driver and vehicle owner to carry on the full coverage car insurance to better safeguard you from imminent financial jeopardy.

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