Looking for the lowest car insurance would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. But at least, the hunt for lowest  car insurance is rewarding at the end – for the more insurance coverage you can have at a lower price will translate to more bucks saved and relief from stress of thinking how to pay the other bills.

Lowest Car Insurance

But where can you really find the company that offers the lowest car insurance there is? Well, that question is quite hard to answer. All that is certain is that, it would really depend on what kind of insurance coverage you are looking for. Why? Coverage will determine your insurance price, altogether with your driving record, your age, and the place you lived at.

As an example for the latter, one 25-year old female suburb resident in Boston, MA would pay a much higher insurance premium that of a same 25-year old female living in the coastal parts of California, even with the same car model and same insurance coverage. The situation might be reversed however with different car insurance provider. One insurance provider might provide a higher quote in Massachusetts than those who are in California.

This discrepancy on insurance rate is due to the fact the different states have demanded different minimums on insurance liabilities. The minimum on bodily injury coverage in Massachusetts is set at around $20,000, with a $40,000 maximum payout per accident, together with a $5,000 cap on property damage. While in California, lowest car insurance minimums are quite a bit lower. Bodily injury is only $15,000 with a $30,000 maximum payout, and $5,000 limit on property damage. And this sunny state does not require drivers to have additional coverage for uninsured drivers who might be driving your car. Massachusetts does, and it is set at $20,000. The example given above shows how auto insurance rates in America differ in each and every state. In a much populated area like Boston, insurance rates are much higher. In an insurance survey conducted a few years back, the five states in northeastern US ranked among the top 10 states that have expensive car insurance. These are the states of Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Rhode Island.

The Hunt For Lowest Car Insurance

As you can see, finding the lowest car insurance is a very arduous task. One needs to prepare to embark on a feat wherein patience should really be a virtue. Don’t stop to look for the best car insurance company even it means to painstakingly compare insurance prices. Don’t forget to ask for discounts and how to avail one. And just be sure that you will get what you have paid for.